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The establishment of Epping Boys High in 1957 was part of a massive development that was to change the nature of secondary education in NSW. Since 1913 the Education Department, in common with most systems throughout the western world, had operated a two-tiered system of education - Selective High Schools such as Fort Street for those in the academic stream and Junior Technical Schools for those who did not do so well in primary school. While the selective high schools remained, the new area high schools that mushroomed in the '50s and '60s became, in effect, comprehensive high schools catering for the whole ability range of a particular area.

Naturally, many local families were skeptical about the academic standing of the new school at Epping and many preferred to send their sons to the more prestigious selective high schools. Teachers and students of the pioneer class responded to this pressure and the fine results achieved in the school's first Leaving Certificate class established the school as an academically worthy alternative. Epping Boys High School is now recognised as, and consistently demonstrates, that it is one of the top comprehensive high schools in NSW.

From its beginnings, the School has enjoyed keen community support. The first headmaster, Mr McGregor, co-operated with the Parents and Citizens to double the area of the school to twenty-two acres and to landscape the grounds. Today we enjoy the facilities provided by the foresight of those who struggled to provide us with such a fine site. The P&C Association and School Auxiliary continue to provide significant financial support to the school and more importantly, an active forum for parent opinion.

In 2007 Epping Boys High School celebrated its 50th anniversary. The Prime Minister of the day, Mr John Howard, opened the newly refurbished library and laid down a time capsule to be raised fifty years hence. The school hosted many old boys to an evening of reminiscing and fireworks. This was followed the next day by football matches - soccer and rugby. The school held musical items, debates and visual displays. 

Epping Boys High School has an enrolment of over 1300 students. Epping Boys High School has a highly positive reputation in the community. There is also a keen interest in the school from overseas students. Retention rates are high in the senior school. While Epping Boys High School has a strong academic emphasis, with most boys going on to study at university, the school also caters for other special educational and pre-vocational needs.