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BYOD Frequently Asked Questions

Accessing Adobe and Windows software almost for Free on a BYODevice

Please note that there are Apple and Windows versions of the software to download. However, the download will not work on Chromebooks. Students using Chromebooks will need to access the online Google Apps and Applications which will provide similar tools to students for their learning.
As part of BYOD the DEC has negotiated a deal with Adobe and Microsoft that allows students to download a copy of a broad range of software almost for Free. 
NB: Virus Protection Software is not available as part of the free software downloads. Parents will still need to pay for their own Virus protection software.
When students log into the Student DEC portal they are given access to download a single copy of both Adobe and Windows software. The DEC has provided information to direct student through the process of downloading and registering the software. Click on the the link below to access this information.

Adobe Suite Download Guide

After reading the information on the above site it is my understanding that students can download a single copy each for their own byod device, and this copy and the license details are only available for about 30 days after installation by accessing the Adobe website with their Adobe ID. If subsequently they wish to reinstall a new instance (either the same or different device) then there will be a fee of $4.95 to retrieve the license key, or $11.95 for access to the download. There is advice about this, and backing up both the license key and downloaded software at the Intranet site above – and as well I believe in confirmation emails that are sent to students.

Please also note that in the FAQ sheet available at the link above (Item 5):

"Students can access Adobe FAQ online or seek support via telephone (Toll Free): 1-800-426-231

Kivito's support web site is http://kivuto.com/support"