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Epping Boys High School is committed to excellence in boys' education. As part of this commitment we have introduced a BTM period, a whole school approach to promoting the social and emotional wellbeing of all boys through providing an environment that promotes and develops resilience.

Young people need to respond to complex factors such as community values, new technologies, media influence, environmental concerns, changing family structures and employment patterns. Providing them with an opportunity to reflect on these factors, whilst developing their understanding of their own strengths and resiliency, is a core aim of the BTM period. Topics covered include future options, masculinity and leadership which will provide an opportunity for students to engage in reflection and discussion in smaller student centred focus groups, ensuring issues addressed are relevant to boys. A significant focus of BTM is providing an environment where students can develop their interpersonal relationships with staff and peers.

The Middle School BTM Period involves:

  • Teacher lead discussion groups on topics such as Identity, Masculinity, Relationships, Resilience, Leadership, Study Skills, Social Justice, Stress Management and Careers. These topics will be structured so that they are related to the age and maturity of each group and develop core concept of resilience and life long learning over the course of the six years.
  • Mentoring program involving Year 7, mentored by Year 9 students, and Year 8 mentored by Year 10 students.
  • Year Group Assemblies which will enable Year Advisers to have frequent contact with their students for organisation and acknowledgement of student achievement.
  • External Presenters such as workshops on Bullying behaviour, Risk Taking behaviour, Masculinity and Social Justice.

This is a significant initiative for the school community which with support from staff, students and parents will provide an opportunity for all boys to develop resilience, further develop relationships with staff and peers and build their understanding of themselves and others in a supportive environment.

Epping Boys High School is a school community that recognises diversity, acknowledges differences and promotes harmony.