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Student health and safety

We are committed to ensuring a safe and happy environment for your child.

We support your child’s health and safety through a range of strategies including:

For more information, visit the student wellbeing section of the department’s website.

Like all NSW public schools, we promote the healthy development of students through:

  • school programs and practices that protect and promote health and safety
  • supporting individual students who need help with health issues
  • providing first aid and temporary care of students who become unwell or who have an accident at school.

Student wellbeing

Like all NSW public schools, we provide safe learning and teaching environments to encourage healthy, happy, successful and productive students.

The department is committed to creating quality learning opportunities for children and young people. These opportunities support wellbeing through positive and respectful relationships and fostering a sense of belonging to the school and community.

The Wellbeing Framework for Schools helps schools support the cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development of students and allows them to connect, succeed and thrive throughout their education.

Schools have a pivotal role to play in connecting character development in children and young people to individual and collective wellbeing, which in the longer term will shape the values and attitudes of the society in which they live.

Wellbeing can be shaped by a number of influences including the degree to which there is an experience of choice, achievement of meaningful goals, positive relationships, enjoyment, personal growth and development, health and safety.         

Over the six years of a boy's education, a partnership exists between school and family. This partnership is based on shared responsibility and mutual respect. Together we aim to realise the potential and aspirations of each boy.

The Wellbeing Team at Epping Boys High School strives to identify the needs of students and implement strategies to support and encourage students within a caring and safe environment. We achieve this through our school community, inclusive culture and student wellbeing program working in partnership with parents and carers.       

Each student has a Year Adviser and Assistant Year Adviser who supports him through his years at Epping Boys, building a strong and open relationship. All students have access to counselling services. This professional support is integral to our student wellbeing program.

Key Wellbeing Staff 2021:

  • Jessica Schadel - Relieving Principal

  • Mark Corbett - Relieving Deputy Principal - Years 7 and 10

  • Narelle Kathryn - Deputy Principal - Years 8 and 11

  • Seddique Martin - Deputy Principal - Years 9 and 12

  • Cameron Gordon - Head Teacher Wellbeing

  • Simon Percy - School Counsellor (Wed-Fri)

  • Geoff Glassborow - School Counsellor (Mon-Tues)

  • Colleen Sweeney - Student Welfare Officer

  • David Chae - Year 7 Adviser

  • Ben Gibb - Assistant Year 7 Adviser

  • Mitchell Leggo - Year 8 Adviser

  • David Dziedzic - Assistant Year 8 Adviser

  • Stephen Kayes - Year 9 Adviser

  • Jessica Wiseheart - Assistant Year 9 Adviser

  • Kevin McKenzie - Year 10 Adviser

  • Regina Kobus - Assistant Year 10 Adviser 

  • Tony Nelson - Year 11 Adviser

  • Elese Gallen - Assistant Year 11 Adviser

  • Shubnum Morabi - Year 12 Adviser 

  • James Kovea-Vueti - Assistant Year 12 Adviser

  • Rachel Coleman - Careers Adviser

  • Daniel Kovacic - Careers Adviser

  • Elizabeth Meek - Head Teacher Senior School

  • Jonathan Bailey - Head Teacher Middle School

  • Darika Pose - Head Teacher Inclusive Education

  • Jessica Raynor - Learning and Support Coordinator

  • Alison Laird - EAL/D Coordinator

  • Alison Laird - International Students Coordinator  

  • Nic McInerney - School Chaplain

Positive Behaviour for Learning

At our school, we use Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) – a whole-school approach for creating a positive, safe and supportive school climate where students can learn and develop. Our whole school community works together to establish expected behaviours and teach them to all students.

Student leadership

Student leadership helps young people find their voices, participate in decision-making, and understand their rights and responsibilities as active citizens. It helps students have a real impact on their learning and school environment and prepares them to participate meaningfully in their community.

Students can be leaders in the classroom, through their actions in the playground, through their support for others, or their involvement in academic, sporting, cultural or local community events or projects.

For more information about opportunities in NSW public schools, visit Student voice and leadership.


The Epping Boys High School prefect body is the senior student leadership group within the school with the traditional role of serving both the school and broader community.

Each year, the prefect body of 28-30 members, is elected in Term 3 after completing an application to be prefect and then going through an interview process, the final candidates are then voted on by the school staff, their peers (fellow Year 11 students) and students in Years 9, 10 and 12. Once elected, they undertake a leadership training camp for three days at the Great Aussie Bush Camp at Kincumber. During this time, they establish key goals for their term of office which may include a particular project or activity relevant to their year of service.

At the conclusion of the camp they choose the executive positions of captain, vice-captain and senior prefect and are formally inducted at an assembly attended by representatives of the school community.

The prefect body actively assist the school and community in the following ways:

  • Represent the school at official functions
  • Act as role models to younger boys in terms of behaviour, decorum and dress.
  • Monitor and assist in the maintenance of high standards of uniform.
  • Act as a mentor to a class group, one prefect to each class in Years 7 - 10.
  • Act as student hosts at official functions, such as Parent/Teacher Nights, orientation days, formal assemblies and other special occasions.
  • Communicate with and direct students on the bus lines and canteen lines.
  • Coordinate school-based appeals and fund raising activities for community organisations.
  • Assist the Rotary Club of Epping in support of senior citizens (in conjunction with Cheltenham Girls' High School)
  • Run the BBQ for Year 12 on the day of HSC and ATAR results
  • Attend a weekly meeting to plan and discuss upcoming events and issues
  • Host and attend prefect network meetings.

Prefects' Pledge of Service

I give my word that:

  • I will uphold the good name of Epping Boys High School in every way that is open to me.
  • I will carry out my duties as a Prefect without fear of consequences or favour to anyone.
  • I will accept the leadership of the Captain and give him loyal support.
  • I will do my utmost to assist the Principal and members of staff in the maintenance of good order and discipline.
  • I will set an example to others in diligence and in study, in grooming, bearing and behaviour.
  • I will in all activities associated with the school be guided by its motto: Strive to Achieve.