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Old Boys Union

Old Boys Union

1961 - 1982 

Following the conclusion of the first Leaving Certificate exams by boys from Epping High School in 1961, a group of "Old Boys" decided to form an Old Boys Union.  Initial enthusiasm was aroused among several of them during the early months of 1962 and on 1 June 1962, some twenty boys assembled in the teachers' common room and officially formed the Epping Old Boys Union.  Subscriptions were set at one (1) Guinea per year and twenty-four boys became paid up members in that first year.  The school's first captain, Barry Pulsford, became the first President of the Old Boys Union.

Enthusiasm was high in those first years and right from the start an Annual Ball was held at the Sky Lounge.  During 1963, membership was further increased with the 1962 Leaving Certificate intake and a greater range of functions were held.  These included a barbeque, theatre party and a second Annual Ball.

The Annual Ball remained a feature of the Old Boys Union for several years with the first seven held at the Sky Lounge and the eighth Ball in 1969, being held at Kalinda, Parramatta.  Other functions during those years included progressive dinners, barbeques and car trials.

Interest in the Old Boys Union began to wane during 1965 and annual subscriptions were reduced to 10 shillings.  Also, a life membership category was introduced at a fee of five pounds.  Despite these moves, following the 1969 Ball, running at a loss and a car trial some weeks later attracting only the then committee members, the Old Boys Union became defunct.

In July 1972 attempts were made by the then most recent committee of the Old Boys Union to revive the Union and they circulated several hundred past students calling a meeting at the school.  Again, there was little response and there appeared to be little enthusiasm from those who attended the meeting.

During 1975 and 1976 a small group attempt to revive interest by holding several functions encompassing film nights, barbeques and dances at Macquarie University.  However, interest was short-lived and things remained quiet again until early in 1979.

It was early 1979 that the then school Principal, Greg Brown, wrote to several recent school captains and invited them to a meeting to again try and revive the Old Boys Union. This action saw in July 1979 the first of what became known as the Annual Dinners. The first dinner was held at the Menzies Hotel.  Average attendance at those dinners were two hundred ex-students.

In 1979 an Old Boys tie was created. At the Silver Jubilee in 1982 the Old Boys actively supported the launch of cook books, commemorative wine bottling, and the Jubilee Dinner Dance at Macquarie University. They also organised a 'back to school' day for all Old Boys and their families when a carnival of various sporting events was held, principally against existing school teams.

1982 - 2007 

In this 25-year period there were many successful reunions for particular year groups and rugby reunions. However, the Old Boys Union, as such, had not really existed for most of this era. Many year groups have maintained close contact eg the 2000 group have 60 members on Facebook who contact and meet. 

1982 - 2007 

Following the successful 50th Anniversary in 2007, attempts were made to re-establish an Old Boys Union. Anyone who would like to be involved are asked to contact Bruce Jacob via Epping Boys High School. 

50th Anniversary was held on 5 and 6 May 2007. The celebration was initiated with the opening of a time capsule by the former Prime Minister, Mr John Howard. The capsule had been buried for 25 years. The highlight of the weekend was the formal assembly attended by over 500 Old Boys and friends of the school. It culminated in a speech by the Prime Minister, who spoke glowingly of the contributions Epping Boys High School has made to education and to the local community.

Major features of the anniversary weekend included musical performances by the renowned Wind Ensemble, a spectacular fireworks display, a great debate which was adjudicated by Maxine McKew, a soccer match between the Firsts vs Old Boys, and a rugby match with our First XV playing against arch rival Homebush Boys.

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