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Creative & Performing Arts


The Music department, which is part of the Creative and Performing Arts Faculty, offers students a wide variety of musical experiences through both classroom studies and co-curricula.

The thriving musical tradition that has existed throughout the school's history is alive and evident today through the students' successes both as individual musicians and members of our current ensembles.

The staff includes three teachers and five ensemble directors. 

Students are able to take part in a range of music performance groups:

  • Wind Ensemble
  • Concert Band
  • Stage Band
  • Jazz Band
  • String Ensemble
  • Choir
  • Junior Vocal Ensemble
  • Junior, Intermediate and Senior Percussion Ensembles
  • Junior, Intermediate and Senior Guitar Ensembles
  • Year 7 Massed Choir
  • Year 12 Massed Choir
  • Rugby Choir


The Dramatic Arts has a strong reputation at school, regional and state levels for being innovative and of the highest standard. Drama allows boys freedom of expression, a chance to indulge their imaginations and be projected into other realities. Learning experiences are provided which involve the intellect, emotions, imagination and body, and engage the whole person.

Our students are encouraged to express their creativity and individuality. Self-confidence, motivation and self-esteem are developed through the devising, workshopping, rehearsing and performing of individual and collaborative works. Through the collaborative nature of the elective, we encourage our students to explore social, cultural, ethical and spiritual beliefs and celebrate diversity.

Drama is taught in a drama studio equipped with AV-technology and video/film-making facilities.
Students can take part in Drama groups:

  • Drama Performance Evening
  • Junior Drama Ensemble

Visual Arts

Visual Arts Faculty offers an exciting curriculum and gives students a broad understanding of art from a contemporary perspective. The practical components of all courses focus on techniques, encouraging experimentation and self-expression using a variety of media. The Visual Arts faculty caters to the 21st Century learner by incorporating a range of teaching strategies and ICT resources.

Students are able to be creative in other areas by being actively involved in:

  • After-School Art Workshops
  • Art Exhibition
  • Visual Arts Gifted & Talented Program
  • Panorama school magazine
  • Photography competitions