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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

The Federal government DER program for Year 9 ended in 2014. To replace this program Epping Boys High School embarked on a Bring Your Own Device, (BYOD) program in 2014 with Years 9 to 12 by the end of term one and with Years 7 to 8 to follow.

 It is expected that all students have a device that they bring to school fully chaged for their learning. Students are required to bring the device every day except Wednesday. Wednesday is a BYOD free day due to sport.

 There is a specifications document that you can download on this page to provide information about which device will best meet students needs .

 There is an ICT/BYOD Policy and User Agreement document that you can download on this page that students and parents must sign proir to students being connected to the school internet. This document can be picked up from the administration office.

Please read the Epping Boys High School BYO Device Specifications Document prior to selecting a device from the following websites. (See below)

Epping Boys High School BYO Device Specifications Document

Please note this specifications document is a guide. The essential specification is that the device will work on a 5GHz wireless network. Other specifications such as screen size are there as a rough guide. With screen size the consideration is that the device is large enough to work on and small enough to fit in a school bag and not be too heavy to carry.

While we have not specified Apple Computers we will support them as long as they can be connected to the 5GHz network.

BYOD Specification (PDF)

Epping Boys High School ICT/BYOD Policy and Student Agreement

ICT BYOD and User Policy (PDF 283KB).

Communication Services: Acceptable Usage Policy for School Students

DEC Acceptable Usage Policy (PDF 238KB).